The idea of cooperatives and Stefan Żeromski

The establishment of the Food Cooperative Society “Społem”, the organisation of industrialists and intellectualists. Stefan Żeromski, associated with the Kielce Region, is one of the Cooperative members. We owe the name “Społem” precisely to the author of “Przedwiośnie” (“The Spring to Come”) and “Siłaczka” (“Strongwoman”).


It all started with soap

The first batch of industrial soap was manufactured in modernised buildings of a former cement factory. 200 kg of soft soap from Zakłady Wytwórcze (Manufacturing Plant) in Kielce gave birth to an enterprise that is still fully operational.


Because shoes must shine

A production line of shoe polish is started. Over the next years some other household chemicals from the Kielce plant hit the stores, such as, among others, candles, laundry detergents, floor paste and tissue paper.


Vinegar and mustard are served on the tables

The production of vinegar and mustards, which take the market by storm, begins. Quite soon after, the food offer of the plant is extended to include other products such as, among others, broth cubes, concentrates and herbal spices. They successfully compete with the products of the famous Swiss – Julius Maggi.


Time of ordinary heroes

The plant is now owed by a Nazi manager, who limits the production and employment. Owing to the ingenuity and bravery of the entrepreneurial team, the war turmoil is stopped. Smuggling 5 tons of TNT for partisans under the supervision of Nazis and the trick protecting the plant property from being transported to Germany are one of the most worthy pages in the history of the plant.


The beginning of a rebirth

Kielce plant restarts its operations. Thanks to the optimism and hard work of its team, in December some of the production lines reach the pre-war efficiency level.


Delicious debut of Kielecki Mayonnaise

Owing to the intensive work of the research department, the first mass-produced mayonnaise in Poland is manufactured. The product quickly gains popularity among gourmets, becoming the lead product of our company. In the same year, the experts develop a revolutionary method of producing vinegar (submerged vinegar fermentation), which soon becomes the model for other manufacturers from Poland and Germany.


Snack = the best taste

The production of Snack - Przysmak Świętokrzyski begins. The product soon becomes an export hit of the company. Delicious crisps win popularity particularly in countries located in Eastern and Central Europe.


New times, new challenges

The plant undergoes the process of transformation related to the political and economic changes in the country. Wytwórcza Spółdzielnia Pracy “Społem” becomes the property of its employees and the next stage of development begins. A series of investments in modern and environmentally friendly production lines is made. Now the offer encompasses only the best and the most promising products that can survive in the highly competitive environment.


It is time to conquer the world

Encouraged by the success in the country, the Management Board of WSP “Społem” decides to expand to foreign markets. From that moment on, the export of products from Kielce is consequently being developed. Nowadays, our products can be found on store shelves not only in Poland but also in, among others, Great Britain, Germany, USA, Australia and Kazakhstan.


Top products with “Q” mark

Kielecki Mayonnaise, Snack – Przysmak Świętokrzyski, Kielecka Delicatessen Mustard and Spirit Vinegar 10% are now among the elite products marked with the “Q” quality mark. But this is not the end yet as 1996 is also the beginning of the efforts to obtain the ISO 9001 quality management system.


Hard work pays off

Long-term involvement of our employees, dynamic development and the highest quality standards pay off with a series of prizes and awards for our company and products. Among them there is, for example, the “Recognise Good Food” promotional emblem, “Quality Tradition” mark, “Silver Ace”, the title of the “Outstanding Exporter” as well as “Food Exports Mister”.


Wytwórcza Spółdzielnia Pracy “Społem” is a company above 100-year long tradition. Due to the fact it has been able to skilfully combine tradition and modernity, it is one of the leaders on the FMCG market.

The products of WSP “Społem” are famous for their unique taste and highest quality ingredients. For generations they have been appreciated by consumers – the most demanding jury. Since the very beginnings of the company, its success has been based on building positive relationships with business partners.

The Cooperative has a certified Food Safety Management System compliant with ISO 22000 as well as the Quality Management System according to ISO 9001.

Permanent employment for nearly 400 people, care for natural environment and pro-social activities make WSP “Społem” an important element of the local community of Kielce as well as one of the flagships of the Świętokrzyski Region.

Kielecki Mayonnaise continues to be the most important product of the company. In 2010 the brand was valued at 42.7 million PLN and according to “Rzeczpospolita” rating, it is one of the most valuable Polish trademarks.

Among the Cooperative’s products there are also mustards, sauces, ketchups, vinegars and Snack - Przysmak Świętokrzyski. As of present, food products constitute the bulk of the company’s offer.