Kielecki mayonnaise is a cult mayonnaise brand and the most important product of WSP “Społem” that has been available on the market since 1959. Owing to its excellent taste, creamy texture and best quality ingredients, Kielecki mayonnaise has long been recognised among local and foreign consumers as well as culinary experts. The above is confirmed by multiple prizes and awards as well as by the fact that Kielecki mayonnaise is currently the second most frequently purchased mayonnaise brand in our country. Its recipe has become the basis for developing the Polish Standard of mayonnaise.

Kielecka mustard

Mustard is one of the most important specialties of WSP “Społem”, manufactured since 1932 - so nearly for 85 years now. Kielecka mustards are famous for their characteristic and deep taste, unique flavour and velvet smooth texture, winning the hearts of gourmets. Our mustards are made exclusively from the best quality ingredients, namely several types of mustard seeds, aromatic spices, fragrant herbs and vinegar manufactured in wooden tubs following old recipes. As of present, we offer 8 flavour variants of mustard that have been awarded multiple times by experts and consumers.

Kielecki Sauce

Kielecki sauces are an innovative line of delicious additions to dishes, without which it would be difficult to imagine modern cuisine. Manufactured according to the best recipes, from the best quality spices and vegetables from all over the world, they are characterised by their excellent flavour and aroma. They enrich the character of all dishes. Kielecki sauces are available in six distinctive flavours, including both traditional Polish ones as well as those typical for Asian or Mediterranean cuisines. Everyone who searches for their favourite type of sauce will surely find one among Kielecki sauces.

Kielecki Ketchup

Thick tomato sauces with aromatic and essential spices are another delicious proposal offered by WSP “Społem”. Similarly to mayonnaise, mustards and sauces, our ketchups are also made from the highest quality ingredients according to tested recipes. Owing to their unique taste, impressive content of juicy tomatoes and no preservatives, Kielecki Ketchups are very popular among consumers.

Kielecki Snack

Snack - Przysmak Świętokrzyski is one of the most recognizable brands of WSP "Społem". This product is known and appreciated not only in Poland but also around the world. This delicious, self-prepared snack is perfect for family parties and meetings with friends. The product is made on the basis of selected types of flour, without the addition of spices and flavors, so everyone can prepare it according to their own ideas. Snack - Przysmak Świętokrzyski increases its volume up to 5 times during frying, so one package can yield up to 10 liters of the finished product. We are able to produce any form for special orders.

Horseradish de luxe

Horseradish de luxe is one of the newest specialties offered by WSP “Społem”.  It is a perfect proposal for those, who, on one hand, like traditional, distinctive culinary additions and on the other hand, search for the highest quality. Horseradish de luxe is distinguished by its sharp taste and flavour imparted by the very high content (70%) of fresh horseradish. The high content of horseradish is also what distinguishes our product from the competition which contain approx. 50-60% of horseradish.

Kielecki Vinegar

Vinegars are special products available on the WSP “Społem” offer. They have been manufactured at our plant since 1932. They owe their unique character to the best quality ingredients as well as to the traditional manufacturing method – spirit fermentation in wooden tubs. Hence, they continue to win consumer and expert appreciation, which is confirmed by prestigious certificates and prizes such as the “Quality Tradition” mark, “Q” Quality Mark and the Golden Consumer Laurel.

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